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Lots of things happening in the world of Jolla. Their latest press release talks about integrating Here’s mapping and positioning technology with Sailfish OS and Yandex store providing 85000 Android apps to Jolla users.

Jolla announced an agreement to license positioning services and map technology from HERE, a Nokia business, to be used in Sailfish OS. This will provide users with up-to-date map data and rich location information, such as restaurants and hotels, from over 190 countries around the world.

“We are excited that HERE is providing its leading positioning services for Sailfish OS and that our maps application will be powered by HERE cloud services. This will help us deliver the optimal mobile maps experience to our customers,” says Jolla CEO, Tomi Pienimäki.

Jolla users can easily download top Android applications from Yandex.Store, which run on Sailfish OS thanks to a fully compatible Android runtime provided by Myriad AG.
Currently featuring over 85,000 apps in 17 categories, Yandex.Store offers the best and most popular apps –from social networking and communication apps like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Skype, Viber and WeChat to games like Angry Birds. Yandex.Store will provide in-app purchase opportunities and is available on smartphones and tablets in 37 languages.

Though it seems that the mapping application will be built by Apello but will be based on data, maps and platform from Here. Read the blurb from Apello’s press release,

Appello is proud to announce its selection to supply the native mapping experience to Sailfish OS for Finnish mobile phone manufacturer and designer Jolla. Appello was tasked with creating a mobile mapping experience unlike the standard offerings available in the market today and focusing on intuitive, gesture based user interaction.

The Maps solution, which leverages the Nokia HERE Platform, Map and Content, will be supported in 196 countries and offers access to millions of POIs, ensuring that Jolla’s users will always be able to find what they are looking for.

The Jolla website has been redesigned and looks cooler than ever with new animations and richer content. Have a look.

Last but certainly not the least, app developers are good to go with downloading “Sailfish SDK” and submitting both Android and Sailfish native apps to Jolla Harbour.

Jolla Store welcomes all native Sailfish and Android applications. Application developers can download the Sailfish SDK for free and start to submit applications to Jolla Harbour at Jolla Harbour is an open, free-of-charge application publishing portal that provides developers with quality assurance and publishing solutions in ensuring optimal application quality and user experience in Sailfish OS. Jolla Harbour has a unique capability to support both native Sailfish and Android apps, providing consumers with a fully integrated Store experience in Jolla smartphones and Sailfish OS.

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