Feed-LabClevLab is planning to launch a new Feedly client for Windows Phone 8.1 called FeedLab. They have invited NPU readers to join the private Beta limited to only 2000 slots.

FeedLab features:

  • Add the RSS feeds of your favorite websites, blogs, magazines and journals
  • Group your feeds in categories
  • Order and customize your categories as you wish
  • Customize the display of articles as you wish (only the title, with small or large images, or even large tiles)
  • Find the summary of each article, with the ability to continue the reading to the desired website
  • Discover optimized gestures to simplify your daily use
  • Live tiles: pin your favorite categories on the home screen of your phone
  • Via the speech feature, listen your articles
  • Launch a new search on FeedLab directly from Cortana

Register here before installing the private Beta.

Install link