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Windows Phone 8.1 speed test featuring a Lumia 822 and a Lumia Icon

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 7.07.36 PM

Windows Phone 8.1, if you do not already have it yet then please check out our article on getting the developer preview and get it.  Windows Phone 8.1 is a big step up from Windows Phone 8, but everyone using a 928 to a 520 might think the update will pull an apple on you and slow down your whole phone to the point you have to throw it out the Window.  Well it doesn’t Windows Phone 8.1 runs beautifully on my Lumia 822, now it is not as fast as 8.1 on my Lumia Icon, but it is still snappy.  Below I will include the link to the how to article for getting developer preview so everyone can have 8.1.  Plus check out the video below .

How to get Dev Preview

Jeff Holloway

I am an information systems major. I am a big nokia fan and I am glad to be part of the Nokia power user team. I am also a big fan of fantasy football and fantasy hockey. Currently using a Lumia Icon. Have a nice read and feel free to share your feedback. @fantasyandfones
  • Elad

    Will it be possible to upgrade the Lumia 822 to the final 8.1 update after Verizon decides to release it?
    and if they don’t,is it possible to downgrade it to windows phone 8? I mean, you don’t wanna get stuck with a beta version forever..

    • Kamal

      Yes, if Verizon releases it you should be able to. But dev preview versions are not Beta as most of the time new devices come out rocking those versions.

      • Elad

        I understand though that if you get a lot of bugs then you’re stuck with the preview till they finally decide to officially release it.

  • LP

    Did the Dev Preview affect how the 822 operates on the Verizon network?

  • That Game App took forever to open, not the performance I was looking for in that.(Faster in regular Windows 8, opens in a snap.)
    Keeping in mind that I have the 1520, so I will expect the same performance to the 929.

    I rather wait until 8.1 is publicly available, but it is nice to know what is coming and how it works beforehand.

    Nice, you are reppin’ Thousand Foot Krutch.