The kind of coverage and importance Nokia has given to Carl Zeiss some days back on Nokia conversations seems to indicate something great coming up. Grapevine has that Nokia might release N8 successor and also the Pure view branding which obviously has to do something with awesome imaging capability of upcoming camera smartphones from Nokia.

Nokia has in past release teaser video hinting Pure view as a possible trademark with due emphasis on all aspects of imaging detail, depth, definition and also mentioned in the video is the date 27th Feb. Check our article here.

 Now yesterday we got the news of some significant industry news announcement to be done by Nokia in a press conference at MWC on 27th Feb itself. Check our article here.

  • Now not only dates indicated by teaser video for the Pure View, and significant announcement expected by Nokia at MWC is the same
  • But also the sudden importance and a big article on Carl Zeiss at Nokia Conversations indicate something big cooking up between Carl Zeiss and Nokia and to be declared at MWC.
  • It might be some breakthrough technology already developed which might give unseen imaging capability to Nokia’s upcoming devices with unheard of mega pixels, true zoom or some ultra clear high-definition video capture.

Whatever it may be, but it is too difficult to wait till Monday 🙂