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iPhone 5 smoked by Lumia 920 in low-light shootout. Yup, It’s final now :).

Kristina and “Ari Partinen” from Nokia are conducting Low-Light/ try out shooting in dark challenge on behalf of Nokia at Photokina and till now they trounced a plethora of Flagships including SGS III and IPhone 4S. But , here comes a new challenger. Apple’s new Flagship iPhone 5, which Apple claims to have improved Camera and low-light performance. So, Are you ready for the results of the battle royal.

Here it goes,


The difference in the low-light image capture is again huge. Lumia 920 totally trounced Apple iPhone 5 in the test.

Bow to the champ !!! Kudos to Nokia for the innovative “PureView phase 2”.

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  • Apparently Nokia has been having some success with WP 7.x in China with this huge carrier. I’m sure Nokia will be bringing the lower end WP 8 handsets there as well besides the Lumia 920.

  • rustyknight17

    Firast and foremost , it`s not acceptable for them either . Second , neither of them is in Nokia`s dire straits ; if this backfires on Nokia , it`s fini , which would be … inconvienient . Third , I`m not planning on buhing athe Iphone or any of Samdung`s , excuse me , Samung`s offerings .
    Kamal , the 920 does use flash to focus , same as any other smartphone in night mode .The difference here is that the 920 is programmed to go into night mode automatically in low light , unlike the others , this is a major reason why Nokia claims the 920 is for the average Joe , u don`t have the bother of remembering to put ur smartphone cam into night mode at , well , night lol.
    What I find difficult to understand here is why Nokia chooses to be deceptive about this . I get that WP8 is makle or break for Nokia ( largely due to Elop`s and the board`s stupidity ) . BUIT THE lUNIA 920 is a great phone , ahead of it`s compeitors , except for the 808 , and possibly the RAZR Maxx , the Xperia S & T . If this backfires on them ( it has once already ) , Nokia`s finished . What I`d do , were I CEO , is emphasise the 920~s strengths , including automatic night mode , and then get out a truly awesome Lumia , along the lines of the 1001 concept . Oddly , it seems Nokia is doing exactly that , if the 1003 , 1110 , and 1200 r real . So why jeopardise it all now ?? Puzzling …

  • rustyknight17

    Jerry , I beg to differ . From what I`ve seen , camerawise , the SGSIII isn`t far behind the 920 .
    Kamal , from what I`ve seen so far , the 1003 , 1110 and the 1200 should be awesome by all standards !
    As for that low light shootout u mentioned , as I remarked in the comments section of that article , if you notice he was careful to specify that all of the phones were in auto mode without bothering to add that the 920 is programmed in low light situations to automatically bring up night mode with flash . Also , if u notice the 808`s first pic , with flash , was much better than the 920`s`…

    • With Xenon, N8 and 808 PureView can murder any other camera other than perhaps Lumia 920. Putting that aside Lumia 920 being able to capture such fine image without flash is amazing by any standards. Why do you think Apple or Samsung are not able to program to bring “night mode” automatically. This is because you need many ingredients for that OIS, lon-time exposure, larger aperture and finally it is done without flash.

      • rustyknight17

        Nokia`s always been the king of imaging, and yes the 920 is revolutionary in that regard . TThat said , I`m sure Samdung ( excuse me Samsung ) will catch up sooner or later . My issue isn`t with the 920 itself , it`s a great phone , but with Nokia`s decptive adverts , trying to make the 920 into a game changer , which it`s not . And I note in passing that it has yet to be matched against either the Razr Maxx or the Xperia S , both great cam phones ..

        • SuperSport

          Oh, but Apple’s Advert or Samsung’s Advert is acceptable? They both claim to be Game Changers. For that matter, ALL the OEMs claim to be Game Changers. They all do it, get used to it…

  • When they say low light performance, don’t they mean for taking photos and not the ‘screens’? It looks like you’ve just turned down the brightness of the iP5 and turned up the Nokia to maximum.

  • selb

    Nokia FTW!!!!

  • Jerry TT

    The SGS III is not even in the same ballpark as the Lumia 920.

  • rustyknight17

    Yes , congrats , though that`s not saying too much lol ! BTW , it may be just me but I note that the 920 hAS YET TO BE COMPARED WITH the Sony Xperia S which has a very good cam , and a 12 MP sensor . For that matter , the 920 beats all competitors it`s been matched against , except , obviously , the 808 , but at least two , the SGS III and the One X r close behind the Lumia . Nokia needs to get those 10 sewries Lumias out !

    • Xperia S is not so hyped even after having a good cam, that’s the reason.1000 series should be just………. awesome 🙂

  • tintin

    Still why compare only it’s camera…see the other features of iphone 5…
    they leave nokia no where…booo-hoooo!!!

    • May be you are refereing to amazing iOS maps or NFC or wireless charging or supersensitive touch screen or ………………..LOL.

    • xrocks

      If they are comparing other features of both, lumia 920 will be way better except weight.

    • You mean like Maps? #justsaying

    • Now now, be fair. At least iPhone 5 is able to display weather on its home screen, right? No? Oh, wow, damn that sucks dude.