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Interim CEO Risto Siilasmaa has talked about Nokia’s focus going ahead. He again reemphasized Nokia’s focus about three businesses NSN, Here and Advanced Technologies.

“Nokia will look very different without the mobile devices and services business. But it will be a strong company, with healthy finances and three strong businesses – NSN, HERE, and Advanced Technologies – each a leader in technology and innovation.

“So, as we write this next chapter for Nokia, our starting point is a strong one. We will continue to be a global force.”

He does agree about the emotional impact this decision of Nokia selling Devices business to Microsoft.

“Nokia devices have connected people around the world for decades. I have myself been using a Nokia device from the time they were too big to carry around. This has been an emotional journey for all of us.

“With the recent decision, 32,000 of our 88,000 employees and little less than half of the trailing 12 month revenues move to Microsoft. This is truly a transformational change for Nokia.

And, then he talks about how it can be the start for next 150 years for Nokia.

“During the coming months, my main focus will be on clarifying our strategy, designing the right corporate structure to achieve the targets we set, and together with my colleagues on the Nokia board, we will focus on identifying the right person who will be the CEO of Nokia going forward. “

“I have been amazed and deeply moved by the feedback from many of our employees. They are set to start the work immediately, surprise the world with our innovation and remind people what Nokia truly stands for.”

“I believe this is the beginning of the next 150 years of Nokia’s story.”

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