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Interesting: 2016 Lumia Flagship (RM-1162) shows up running Snapdragon 820



Well, after reporting that Microsoft is testing next Lumia flagship, we just exclusively reported more details about the upcoming Lumia flagship running Snapdragon 820 that we will call Lumia 960 for ease, but that may not be the final name. And here we have something very interesting in GFXBench database!!

A Lumia with code RM-1162 has appeared on GFXBench with Snapdragon 820 processor, Adreno 530 GPU and 8 MP FFC . The memory that usually corresponds to free memory is shown to be 1.5 GB and that may mean this prototype must have 3-4 GB RAM.


The rear camera is shown to be 7 MP, that may be due to the dual camera mode that provides 8 MP images with 3264 x 2248 resolution. So, it may well be a 20 MP sensor just like on Lumia 950 and 950 XL. Storage may be 32 GB as it shows 13 / 14 GB free storage.

One more thing shows that we are perhaps looking at next Lumia Flagship. Earlier RM-1162 was reported from Adduplex database with 5.4-inch, 1280 x 768 resolution display and so was HP Falcon with 1280 x 768 resolution display. But we had reported HP Falcon with QHD display from GFXBench and it finally came as HP Elite X3, the new Windows 10 Mobile flagship with QHD resolution. So, it seems like an educated guess to make that RM-1162 may really be what has been revealed in GFXBench data and devices with 1280 x 768 resolution display in Adduplex database are more interesting than we ever thought!!

Thanks a lot Mukun for the tip. Cheers!!

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