Google recently pushed the first Android 11 dev preview build to developer devices eligible to get it. In this post, we have collated new and interesting Android 11 features and changes found in the 1st dev preview build so far.

While Google posted about the changes and new APIs keeping in mind the developers, enthusiasts were able to dig many new and interesting new features. We will keep the changelog updated as more features/changes are unearthed.

Dark Theme scheduling:

With Android 11 it will be possible to schedule Dark theme with options like “turns on a custom time” or “turns on from sunrise to sunset” or turns on and off at a custom time.

Bubble notifications:

In the case of Android 11, bubble notifications will be enabled by default for the chat and messaging apps. Though you still need to long-press the notification and tap “bubble” to use this feature.

Conversations in notifications & Music Player in the quick-settings panel:

Android 11 will put conversations in notifications UI with ability to respond. It will also place a Music player in the quick-settings panel as can be shown in the image above.

Left/right sensitivity enhanced sensitivity options:

Android 11 will bring individual left and right sensitivity options for gesture navigation.

It will also have a new option for enhancing touch-screen sensitivity for use with screen protectors.

Screen Record toggle in quick settings:

A screen-record toggle has been seen in Quick settings to quickly record screen but the audio capturing doesn’t work yet.

Bluetooth devices stay connected in Airplane mode:

This one is quite useful as now your phone will be connected to other devices on Bluetooth even when the Airplane mode is switched on.

One time permissions:

This is one of the very useful new options that will enable users concerned about privacy to provide one time permissions to apps.