Here are two interesting camera comparisons involving two Nokia camera flagships: Nokia N8  and Nokia 9 PureView. Both have been compared to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Nokia N8 is the original Nokia smartphone flagship that featured a great camera for its time and that too with Xenon flash. If you want to refresh your memories about its capability check our comparison of Nokia N8 against 808 PureView.

Now, coming to the comparison of Nokia N8 against iPhone 12 Pro Max, both are much distant in terms of generations of the tech employed in smartphones. But Nokia N8 still holds it own and as the reviewer agrees “has white balance, better exposure and better colours”. It even has decent dynamic range and digital zoom. This is a big statement made already by original Nokia smartphone camera flagships. Check the comparison video below.

Now coming to another comparison where the reviewer has pitted Nokia 9 PureView against iPhone 12 Pro Max, Nokia 9 PureView gives the new Apple flagship smartphone a run for its money. Reviewer has mainly focused on comparing the Bokeh mode where iPhone 12 Pro max has performed better than the iPhone 11 Pro which didn’t hold a chance against Nokia 9 PureView. Check the comparison video below.