has pitted Lumia 928 against Apple’s best iPhone 5 and Samsung’s best SGS 4. Good thing is that they have tried to compare the images taken in quite different conditions. In below example of the flower shot below, where Lumia 928 according to the reviewer reproduces best actual color of the flower out of three. iPhone 5 is on the top, Lumia 928 in  middle followed by SGS 4.

iPhone 5 / Lumia 928 / Galaxy S IV

In another set, they have captured grass and again Lumia 928 shows better color reproduction with the grass being far more green when compared to the iPhone 5 or the Galaxy S IV.

iPhone 5 / Lumia 928 / Galaxy S IV

When it comes to low light however, we know Lumia 928 simply crushes both.


This shootout makes the reviewer conclude that Lumia 928 has the best all-round camera on a smartphone out there, which can change with arrival of Lumia 925 soon though. But for now, Lumia 928 basks in the glory of a well-deserved win.

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