nokia networks

Nokia Networks has set an amazing world record of fastest 4G speeds with Korea’s SK Telecom. It has achieved a speed of 3.7 Gbps. At this speed a 5 GB movie should take only 11 secs in downloading.

Nokia and SK Telecom have again demonstrated the unparalleled benefits of converging the TDD and FDD LTE spectrum. By aggregating 10 spectrum frequencies allocated for both LTE variants for a massive 200 MHz of bandwidth, Nokia and SK Telecom reached a throughput speed of 3.78 Gbps. At this speed, a mobile broadband user can download a full-length 5 GB high-definition (HD) movie in just 11 seconds.

This feat has been again achieved with help of TDD-FDD carrier aggregation and it gives clear edge to Nokia in TD-LTE leadership it already enjoys.