imagesCAWQM6C1We missed on reporting this, but seems some Huawei executive has mentioned in a “FT interview” that if Nokia is willing they can go for an acquisition of Nokia. This led shares of Nokia surge by 7% :P. Now this report already seemed far-fetched as Huawei is in no position to even think of it when many big companies will love to do that, if Nokia is willing and first will be MS. But, Nokia is already making a strong comeback so this was simply a wishful thinking.

Now, as expected Huawei has denied this as per report from Reuters. End of one more crazy take-over rumor. Huh!!

Chinese network equipment and cellphone maker Huawei Technologies Co said it “has no plans to acquire Nokia”, responding to a Financial Times report that it would consider buying the Finish phone maker.

The denial came from Huawei’s vice president for external affairs, Bill Plummer.


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