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Seems, Huawei has finally recollected its place under sun and from the rumor of one of its Top executive wanting to buyout Nokia, now has suggested that it doesn’t want to fight Nokia, but rather co-operate. Talking to “Pocket-lint“, Kevin Ho, president of the Huawei’s handset product line said that the company is keen to work with, rather than fight Nokia for customers:

“We do not want to fight with Nokia. We want to work together with Nokia and Microsoft to build a better Windows Phone platform.”

So, we obviously don’t want to be so¬†harsh on them now, as they want to co-operate, but that “Buyout episode” has left sordid taste in our mouth and many Nokia fans.


Anyways, Huawei says that they have sold 1 million Ascend W1 in Europe and US and still complains about Windows phone being a hard sell without bringing a compelling device onto the table.


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