Outlook Mail & Calendar is the native Windows 10 Mobile mail application that allows configuration of various mail accounts including Gmail, Yahoo and other Pop / IMAP accounts apart from the Outlook / Hotmail accounts.  It also creates integrated Calendar account along with every Mail account configured. You can sync contacts too and most importantly you can link all the mail accounts in one unified inbox for that “all at one glance” ease of use. Read our step by step tutorial below to understand how to configure Gmail & other mail accounts and how to link them in one linked inbox.

Steps to configure Gmail Account:

  • Navigate to Settings—>Accounts–>Your Email & Accounts–> Add an account—>Choose an account or alternatively, Open the Outlook Mail–>Menu–>Manage Accounts–>Add account
  • Now choose Google if you want to add a Gmail account or else any other mail client
  • Sign in with your Gmail Id and pwd (or any other mail client Id and pwd) in the next screens

GMail Windows 10 Mobile 1

  • When prompted on the next screen tap on “Allow”.
  • You will be taken to Account settings. Here you can set
    • Email Sync frequency
    • Download Full message and Internet images
    • Sync Contact, Calendar and Email settings
    • frequency of syncing Contact and Calendar too
    • Period for which all mails to be downloaded

GMail Windows 10 Mobile 2

Steps to link inboxes:

Now, once you have configured more than one mail accounts, you can link them and enjoy ease of using one unified inbox.

  • Open the “Outlook mail” client from App list or Start screen.
  • Now go to menu from the bottom and tap on manage accounts.
  • Once in Manage accounts screen you can tap on “link inboxes” to link the inboxes for accounts you have configured and give it a name.

Linked Inboxes