This is rerun of our earlier article but this time we are also including a very easy download tutorial video for all of you still waiting for the download and installation of Symbian Belle.

This is a short article meant for all of us out there waiting (im)patiently for the best thing which is going to happen to their Symbian anna phones.

  • First of all let us start with Nokia suite, which needs to be updated to the latest version for downloading and installing the Symbian belle.Please catch our article for more details and download link for latest version of Nokia suite.

Now once you have updated your Nokia suite and it is showing Belle update availability, following should be your next steps,

  1. Take a back up of your phone using Nokia suite
  2. Now most necessary part is cleaning up your phone for installing and getting most out of Symbian Belle. This can be done in two ways,
    • Type *#7370# and follow the instructions
    • Follow the path Settings/Phone/Phone management/Factory settings/Delete data and restore

Hard reset

This will be reformatting the C drive and delete all the past data, settings, files and will rewrite new installation files. Due to this “Hard reset” all corrupted and unusable files are also deleted and Phone returns to initial state completely.

  1. Now go for the Belle update download and installation through Nokia suite preferably, as this installs the complete firmware image on the device and is comparable to  devices shipping with Belle pre installed.
  2. Once the update is done, you can use the back up already done to reload contacts,application and device settings, photos , videos and any other data,
  3. Finally you can go to Nokia store for re-downloading your applications which will be ideally enlisted in your my stuff list.

Now a very good step by step tutorial video for downloading Symbian Belle on your phone. I hope you find this tutorial helpful along with above article.