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Windows 10 Mobile: How To fix “Scan SD card & Fix Erros” & related performance issues

Windows 10 Mobile not only allows to store all that you want on expandable storage using a SD Card but you can also install apps on MicroSD Card (Read our tutorial). This makes Windows 10 Mobile one of the most flexible OSes around. Now in case you are not using a fast enough (less than Class 10) MicroSD card you may have encountered “Scan SD Card & Fix Errors” message time and again and at the same time it can lead to some issues like random “resuming / loading” screens. This happens because of poor compatibility of the default SD Card File System FAT32. While we can’t fix the slow response of Class 2 and Class 4 MicroSD cards we can help you in getting rid of this annoying error messages and stability issues. Keep in mind that you can use this tutorial for Class 6, Class 10 and UHS U1 / U3 cards too if you are facing random performance issues.

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This will make your data on SD Card deleted completely so take a backup somewhere.

  1. Remove the MicroSD card from your phone by simply powering it off and removing; or by going to Settings–Storage–>SD Card–>Remove. If you just power-off and pull SD Card all your Apps / Games on SD Card will still be listed in App List and that may help in reinstalling them later.
  2. Now use the PC adapter with SD Card and insert into a PC you have. You can use Adapter and PC of your friends if you don’t have either.
  3. Go to My Computer / This PC, Right click on the SD Card and choose Format.
  4. Now you can choose “ex-FAT” as the File System. By default it will be FAT32, which is the oldest known file system. ex-FAT, being the latest is much more compatible than FAT32. You can also choose NTFS as File system, as Windows uses NTFS File system by default. We however recommend ex-FAT.
  5. Allocation unit size can be set to “Default Size”.Ex-Fat format
  6. Format the SD Card. Right click and choose to eject.
  7. Once done you won’t face this annoying message anymore while using this formatted SD card in your windows 10 Mobile phone. This also helps in fixing random performance issues on you device happening due to SD Card.

This tutorial works very well for even Class 2 / Class 4 SD Cards, but while you can use a Class 4 MicroSD card for apps / games installation, the experience may be sub-par. That’s why we always recommend minimum Class 6 MicroSD card for better performance (Read our tips on improving Windows 10 Mobile performance).

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  • Valent HR

    i have class 6 and already formatted in exfat, but i get the error

  • Vinicius

    Why not use NTFS? It is not a newer and safer format system?

    • John Smith

      NTFS it’s a journal system, you will kill your SD card if you go that way.

      NTFS is a write intensive format. That’s why.

  • Sachin Thakur

    After doing this my mobile is not showing sd card..
    any solution??

  • Hay kamal m using class 10 64gb memory card n ex-Fat as default file system from when its purchased and m having the same issue, do u recommend me to format with same file system or with NTFS file system.pls help me

  • kartik verma

    After updating to windows 10 while charging it always shows the message your device is charging slowly please use the charger which was provided with the device. I am using the same charger and tried some other chargers also. It takes 8 to 9 hours to full charge the battery and if i don’t use it while charging, had a chat with customer support team went to service centre, many times formatted the handset, reinstalled 8.1 n then again windows 10, nothing could sort out this problem. Any solution??

    • Kamal

      Not sure as I didn’t face such issue. Did u try a Hard Reset?

      • kartik verma

        Ya i did 2 to 3 times, searched over internet so many customers are facing same problem but no solution, i am switching back to android

        • Prithvi Raj Prakash

          Hey, it happens to me also. It hasn’t happened yet after the update to a new build. But there’s a temporary solution. You need to soft reset your phone whenever that happens. Hold down the power key until your phone vibrates and restarts. Your problem should be gone.

    • John Smith

      Buy a new cable, same problem here, the USB cable is low quality…

      • kartik verma

        Thanks for replying sir, I tried but was facing same problem I have switched to android not using Windows anymore

  • Aashwath

    I use a class 10, yet I get the error…

    • Kamal

      Then go for it and the error shall go.

  • UMovies

    mine has done that several times, the question is how to back it up as all my apps are on the sd card. Lumia 640 on Cricket, 32 gig card class 6

    • Kamal

      That’s always an issue, but you can move them to device and move back after formatting and re-inserting SD card.

      • UMovies

        man already done it works better now back up was painless as in store you have lists of all apps you installed so far so good I just let the phone do formatting didn’t take but a sec seems faster