Our sources in retail hinted at this and now it seems that HMD may discontinue Nokia 6.2 as it plans to launch a better-speced smartphone in Nokia 5.3 soon. Nokia 6.2 has also become unavailable at the official Nokia Shop which is quite surprising as it is a relatively recent product.

Nokia 6.2 didn’t really grab attention like its sibling Nokia 7.2 which to most of the Nokia fans was much better value for money smartphone. So, now when Nokia 5.3 is knocking at the door with a better Quad-camera and possibly a better processor, HMD doesn’t have a need to continue with Nokia 6.2.

In fact, Nokia 5.3 is even rumored to be priced very close to Nokia 6.2 at USD 180. A Nokia 6.3 is still possible sometime in the future and we will let you know more about it when we come to know more.

We recently reported many exclusive details about Nokia 5.3. Nokia 5.3 has recently appeared on Geekbench and the listing confirmed the “Captain America” codename and Snapdragon 660/665 processor. We earlier reported a leak that had revealed Nokia 5.3 aka Captain America design and a quad-camera setup.

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