HMD team has lately been using quite original and impressive ideas for PR outreach and marketing. We saw Nokia 2 being launched at a Metro station in India and now HMD India celebrates Android Oreo release for Nokia 8 in a rather sweet style.

It seems not only us but even other bloggers and well-known Nokia fans have received Oreo cakes marking the Android Oreo release for Nokia 8. The cake was delivered yesterday but being outside, I wasn’t able to really take a snap and post it.

But here we are and as you can see in the featured image above the sweet Oreo surprise was really unexpected. Thank a lot HMD for that gesture!!

We will certainly expect even more innovative launches from HMD now onwards as they have raised the bar high already. Bring it on HMD!! Launch Nokia 7 and Nokia 9 in the way they deserve, soon.