An ill-conceived rumor regarding HMD delaying Pie update to Nokia 8 for boosting Nokia 8.1 sales started spreading today. This is not only illogical but also looks like a mischievous rant by few to bring bad name to committed HMD team.

While we usually avoid reporting such rumors, many so-called big sites picked this rumor and started spreading it irresponsibly.┬áSo, we conducted a poll on Twitter which shows us how hollow the premise of “holding Pie update for boosting Nokia 8.1 sales” is. 70% of the respondents tell us that they will not buy Nokia 8.1 only for the reason that it runs Android Pie over Nokia 8 that will get it in few days time.

Later, HMD CPO Juho Sarvikas debunked this mischievous rumor in a tweet.

Hopefully so-called big tech sites will wait for some response from HMD before posting anything like this, because it exposes the hunger of posting any random Nokia related scoop from anywhere without doing due diligence.