Cortana lockedWith Lumia Denim rolling out to Lumia 930, Lumia 1520, Lumia Icon; more users are now talking to their device by saying “Hey Cortana“. So, in case you want to know more about Hey Cortana‘s behavior, limitations and even want to learn how to train it to respond when you say “Hey Cortana”.


  1.  Only one person can train Hey Cortana at a time.
  2.  Only the Hey Cortana phrase can be used as a keyword.
  3.  When Cortana is triggered under the lock screen, it will not perform all possible commands – it will respect your privacy.
  4.  The Hey Cortana feature uses battery power. By default Hey Cortana is off.

How to train?:

  1. Select Settings > Hey Cortana
  2. Find quiet place and once you are ready to start the training, tap start and follow the instructions.
  3. Remember to talk in your normal voice, and say Hey Cortana 5 times.

Battery Saver:

Hey Cortana is turned off automatically when the Battery Saver mode starts (at less than 20%), and automatically turns back on when the Battery Saver mode ends (at more than 20%).

Recent Windows 10 technical preview leaks have hinted about possibility of Hey Cortana coming to devices even without Snapdragon 800.