HERE TrafficNokia is on a roll nowadays, and it is not only limited to Nokia Technologies that has shocked tech world by launching Nokia N1 recently, now HERE also has a new innovative tool to showcase.

HERE has today announced a new traffic forecasting tool called “HERE Predictive Traffic” and the product canĀ  anticipate future traffic conditions in real-time. The tool, HERE claims improves estimated arrival times of drivers by 20%.

HERE Predictive Traffic considers over 100 different traffic behavior profiles per road segment to provide up to the minute traffic forecasts as far as 12 hours into the future. HERE devised a proprietary mechanism that selects the appropriate profile from this exhaustive collection, and combines it with real-time conditions to provide travelers with the best travel time estimates for their destination. Drivers using Predictive Traffic saw estimated arrival times that were up to 20% more accurate for journeys over 30 minutes in length.

Car manufacturers, transportation agencies and other companies can build applications using HERE predictive traffic data. You can check how the predictive traffics works in real-life in below video.

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