HMD recently unveiled its revamped Nokia Mobile product portfolio that showcases Nokia X10 and Nokia X20 as premium smartphones with 5G support. The only complaint fans have found so far against these smartphones is the Snapdragon 480 5G processor. Many think that the pricing for these smartphones doesn’t justify the processor which belongs to Snapdragon 4XX range.

Now, Snapdragon 5G processors are not exactly similar to the non-5G processors and can be much better in performance when compared to even Snapdragon 6XX and 7XX processors. We still don’t have a Nokia X10 or Nokia X20 with us to compare or do a performance review, we can check how they perform in terms of benchmark scores. While benchmark scores can’t be taken as the gospel truth they provide ample hint at what to expect from a processor/smartphone in terms of performance.

Nokia X20 benchmark score rivals optimized Google Pixel 4a powered by Snapdragon 730G and POCO X3 powered by Snapdragon 732G, the top non-5G Snapdragon processor. Check the screenshots below. In fact in terms of multi-core score Nokia X20 beats Pixel 4a score.

If you consider the benchmark scores Nokia X20 easily beats Nokia 5.4 powered by Snapdragon 662 processor in both single-core and multi-core scores. Looks like the only smartphone that can beat Nokia X20 benchmark score in current lineup is Nokia 8.3 5G.

This tells us that Nokia 480 5G may be a good performer that sits only below Nokia 8.3 5G in terms of performance at least when benchmark scores are taken into account.

Nokia X10 and Nokia X20 are the latest 5G Nokia smartphones powered by Snapdragon 480 5G processor. Nokia X20 packs a 64MP quad-camera while Nokia X10 a 48MP quad-camera on its back. Read all details about both Nokia X10 and Nokia X20 including Price, specifications, color, storage options and more by clicking on the link.