Nokia has update “Here” Maps and Nokia Maps on WP8 devices. The most important change is addition of Maps for Serbia and Israel.

Because we are committed to extend the coverage of our detailed maps to the whole world, we have added Serbia (including Kosovo) and Israel with this release. You can now search for places and calculate precise routes in these two countries too and soon we will also introduce turn-by-turn navigation with Nokia Drive.

Other under the hood improvements, provide a better representation of the reality, more clarity and easier orientation. Shapes are highly precise and detailed to better represent roads, coastlines and streams. Many new roads have been added (added or amended 133,000 km of roads only in the UK) along with lesser-known parks for better pedestrian navigation.

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Note: If you have downloaded maps on your Windows Phone 8 smartphone, you should have been prompted to update them and enjoy the latest improvements. If you haven’t done so yet, go to settings > applications > maps > check for updates