Amazon fire- 3D HEREWe first heard it from our sources. Then some job postings confirmed that HERE apps suite may be coming to iOS and Android. Even, Nokia CEO Suri confirmed that HERE Maps is coming to all major platforms.

Now, HERE CEO Michael Halbherr has to add more!! He has confirmed that HERE will launch its consumer services for iOS and Android. In an interview with “GeekWire”, he reveals strategy of establishing HERE as “Location Cloud” business, just like, Amazon is retail cloud and Facebook is social clod. Some excerpts from the interview,

We will also launch our own consumer services. You will see us go on iOS and Android. Really moving up the stack. We want to be known as the location cloud also from a consumer perspective, the way Spotify is known for music. We want to work everywhere.

“The idea is to create an incredible location cloud business,” Halbherr said, explaining how he sees HERE evolving over the next few years. “There’s a retail cloud, which is Amazon. There’s a social cloud, which is Facebook. And you have what we want to be, which is the location cloud. It’s the map for the 21st century. We want to build the map for the real digital age.”


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