devicesIt must have been a shocker for Google when Samsung licensed HERE Maps to be compatible with its full range of Galaxy devices. But, it seems there is more to worry for Google, as not only existing Galaxy devices will be able to download the HERE Beta apps when Samsung Gear S hits the store, but seems new Samsung Galaxy devices will come with HERE app pre-installed from next month.

This has been revealed to ZDNet in an interview with Sean Fernback, Nokia’s SVP of everyday mobility for Here,

That presents a problem for Nokia too, given that OEMs generally choose to use the GMS version of Android, which means having Google services – including Maps – preinstalled on their devices.

From next month, new Galaxy devices will also come with Nokia’s Here Android app preinstalled, while those already out in the wild – S3, S4, and S5 models at least – will be able to download the app from the Samsung Store (for those connecting up their Galaxy to a Gear smartwatch using Here, the Android app download will be automatic). While there’s no mention of compatibility with Galaxy tablets for the current release of the Here app, it’s a safe bet Note slates will also begin supporting it before too long.

As revealed to WSJ earlier, Sean Fernback has again confirmed plans of iOS and Android apps before end of the year to ZDNet, too.

If you remember, we were the ones to break the news that Nokia will bring HERE Maps to iOS and Android, some 4 months ago, only to be refuted by official response. But, here we are Today and HERE is already heading to iOS and all Android devices.

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Source: ZDNet