Microsoft pushes updates to their apps to make it better, good so that it will work good on any Windows 10 powered devices. Recently Microsoft has pushed an update for their Groove music app on Windows 10 mobile. But don’t know what happen while adding some new features to app, the general features of Groove music app get bricked which caused problems with the volume and playback lists.
So many of the users are reporting that on Microsoft community about the app problem after latest update.
But now today Microsoft has identified issue with the app, and they want a user help to isolate and solve this problem quickly.
For that Microsoft has started two discussion threads on Microsoft community. Please contribute there if you are facing that problem with app, so that Microsoft can solve this problem as soon as possible.

Playlist Become unplayable on Groove music app after latest update.

Volume gradually decreases on Groove music app after latest update.

You will only need your Microsoft account to sign and to reply there, so please don’t hesitate to reply.