Good new for Puzzle game lovers!!!!

A new puzzle game HackBot is now available to download from Windows Phone Store. This game is available for both Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 mobile.

This is the most addictive and fun puzzle game with infinite levels of the future!

HackBot Description:

The HackBots, cybernetic organisms able to blend in among humans, have been programmed to study the habits of their targets and steal their passwords. Intelligence, analytical skills and gambling are all features that will help you climb the ranks and become the best HackBot of planet earth!

Two different game modes available inside this puzzle game:

– QUICK MATCH: Enjoy yourself by discovering targets passwords in this instant play mode.

– RANKED MATCH: guess as many passwords within the time and challenge your friends to get a better score than yours.

You can download the free game from the given link below.

[appbox windowsstore 9p7n112xn02v]