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GSMArena has posted their impressions about Lumia 1020’s 41 MP PureView camera. They are very impressed with the camera on Lumia 1020 and simply find it in another league in both image and video capturing. In fact, they mention that only camera-phone which come closer to resolved details by Lumia 1020 is none other than 808 PureView. They mention that even at full resolution of 34/38 MP , where there is no chance of oversampling, the noise level is same as that on 13 MP Galaxy S4 camera, which is a big achievement as one gets much more details.

As far as image quality is concerned, the Nokia Lumia 1020 is really in a class of its own. None of the other high-end smartphones can come even close to the amount of resolved detail that the huge pixel-dense sensor and the 6-element ZEISS lens deliver. The dynamic range is also much higher than any other flagship can offer. At full resolution (38 MP or 34MP) the noise levels are comparable to those of the 13MP Galaxy S4, which is a pretty great achievement given how much more detail you get.

In case of video capture due to the 41 MP sensor and OIS, it is simply unmatched. Now, we do respect GSMArena for its unbiased and quality imaging comparisons, so it is really a big proof of what Nokia has achieved with Lumia 1020.

Just like the still images, the videos produced by the Lumia 1020 are beyond the capabilities of any other smartphone on the market. The detail levels are top notch, the colors are extremely pleasing and the dynamic range simply cannot be achieved with a smaller sensor. The 4x zoom when recording 1080p video is a more than welcome bonus, too.

Though, while comparing Lumia 1020 to 808, GSMArena notes some differences in image processing leading to minor loss of details on Lumia 1020 due to boost in saturation and urge Nokia to leave the color as natural as on 808 to retain the details.

As we already mentioned we compared those two side by side and found that Nokia has slightly altered the processing algorithms in its new cameraphone flagship. Unlike the 808 PureView, which delivered natural colors that are as close to reality as we’ve seen any smartphone get, the Lumia 1020 goes for boosted saturation and warmer colors.

 The saturation boost has cost the Lumia 1020 some fine detail, which is still present on the 808 PureView shots. We really hope Nokia tunes down the default saturation in the final product as those who like more vibrant colors can always boost the saturation from the camera settings.

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