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Grey Lumia 925 sold out at official Noovi shop. Top seller at both T-Mobile and Vodafone Germany!!


UntitledLumia 925 may be enjoying strong initial traction in the first market it has been released. Yup, we are talking about Germany. Lumia 925’s first stock has arrived in Nokia’s official Noovi shop and at operators T-Mobile, Vodafone and O2. Though talking about colors, Grey seems to be the color of choice for now. As earlier reported Grey and White Lumia 925 were the available colors at official Noovi shop. Check now and Grey is sold out with next availability from wk 26.

Untitled1 Not only at Noovi, but Lumia 925 is in demand at operators  T-Mobile and Vodafone. T-Mobile lists it in “Best selling phones” list and similarly Vodafone has it in its most popular phones list. So, may be Lumia 925 can really provide further boost to Nokia’s market share in Germany.


Noovi  T-Mobile  Vodafone

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  • Lui

    you’re fully right, why writing all the time about selling out. If the product is good it will sell. To jump in the air because they sold 20 units at Noovi and being therefore sold out is ridicoulous. Nokia must ensure supply chain and not create a virtual “sold out” state strategy.
    But at least all is prepared : microsoft will take over Nokia, it is just a question of months and bid offer.

  • Geeks

    I never heard of Samsung or Apple talking about sellouts because they’re really selling their products.
    I hope Nokia can learn from them how to bring enough products to the market!!!

    As for the color, I prefer Silver over Grey and there are many people out there looking for that color. I don’t know why Lumia 925 cannot be in four SKUs: Black, White, Grey & Silver in order to fully cover the smartphone market.

    • Kamal Mishra

      It can be more. Looks at N8 and its colors. Nokia planned Lumia 925 in less colors. May be in future!!