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Lumia 1020 officially priced 699,95 € in Germany. Can be booked now from “Noovi” shop for August last week availability.

[embedit snippet="adversal-3"] So, Lumia 1020 finally gets listed at official Noovi shop in Germany. The off-contract full price is revealed to be 699,95 €. Availability is expected from last week of August. The device can be now booked in all three colors at Noovi shop. Though on-contract prices are not listed

Lumia 620 back in stock (3rd time) at Official Noovi shop in Germany. Sold out twice already !!

This is the third time, Nokia has replenished stock of Lumia 620 in Germany. It has been sold out twice already since the time it started selling, and every time Nokia has replenished the stock within 4-5 days. You can read more coverage of this in our earlier articles, So, Lumia

What’s happening? Lumia 620 in all colors and Black Lumia 920 sold out again in Germany.

Earlier and even now it was Lumia 920 which Nokia found difficult to keep in stock. But seems Lumia 620 is following Lumia 920's footsteps in going out of stock in Germany. Just few days back we informed that Lumia 620 has come back in stock at Nokia's official "Noovi" shop in Germany. Check