Google is soon going to allow promotional videos listed by apps and games developers to auto-play in the Google Play store when you browse them. This has been revealed in the updated Play Console help document.

The auto-play videos are one of the most annoying promotional and advertisement types and most of us dislike them. But somehow Google is convinced that these will help users in discovering more content and terms it as a fun, engaging way to show features.

You can add a promotional video to your store listing by entering a YouTube URL in the “Promo video” field. A promo video isn’t required, but it’s highly recommended as a fun, engaging way to show features of your app to potential users.

Developers with a video in their store listing must disable ads by November 1, 2019 to keep the video eligible to be shown on Google Play. This is because, beginning September 2019, Google Play will start autoplaying store listing videos to help more users discover your content at a glance.

What to do you think about the latest annoyance added by Google to the content discovery on Play Store? Do let us know in comments.