Google Play Store is the central place from where we get favorite apps and games on our Android phones. Google keeps on updating Play Store app in the background and you hardly realize it. You only know that it has been updated when you suddenly notice some UI changes or some new settings or some new feature.

Along with Nokia exclusive apps, we will also keep you informed about new updates for Google Play Store and will also make APK available so that if you haven’t received the update you can just install the APK and get the new update.

Today, Google Play Store has updated to version 8.2.56 and one can notice some UI changes. When you access the Hamburger menu on the top you can notice “Games” section on the top of movies and music. Even this UI redesign was done in recent Play Store updates.

In case you don’t see this version of Google Play Store on your Android phones, you can use the APK by clicking here to upgrade to the latest Play Store version.

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