Google recently started testing of Google Play Protect feature to the beta users. The Play Protect feature was available to limited devices, those who are using Play Services beta in the Google Play Store.

Now the Google Play Protect service is being rolled out to everyone. You can check in your device manually by going to Settings>Google> Security. In the security section, you’ll see a new option named ‘ Google Play Protect ‘ under the Security status tab.

About Google Play Protect:

Google Play Protect is a new service being introduced by Google to Play Store users. It is a security system that protects apps in the Google Play Store as well installed in your smartphone. The app automatically checks and scans for security threats in your device but you can manually trigger this for each app.

Features of Google Play Protect:

1. One less worry for over a billion users

Backed by the strength of Google, Play Protect brings control to your fingertips while giving guidance along the way. Together, we lay out the ideal security blanket for your mobile device. Consider yourself covered.


2. The security system that never sleeps

Google Play Protect continuously works to keep your device, data and apps safe. It actively scans your device and is constantly improving to make sure that you have the latest in mobile security. Your device is automatically scanned around the clock to give you peace of mind.

3. Keeping an eye on your mobile
security so that you don’t have to

4.Control within reach, even if your device isn’t

If you’ve misplaced your device, just take a breath. Find My Device has you covered. You can locate your device by signing into your Google account, or even call it directly from your browser. Lock your phone remotely or display a message on the lock screen, so that if someone finds it they know whom to contact. If you’re convinced it’s lost for good, you can erase all your data. Crisis averted.

5.Fifty billion apps scanned a day makes life a little easier

All Android apps undergo rigorous security testing before appearing in the Google Play Store. We vet every app developer in Google Play and suspend those who violate our policies. So even before you download an app, you know it’s been checked and approved. Then, Play Protect scans billions of apps daily to make sure that everything remains spot.

6.Surf on the safe side

With Safe Browsing protection in Chrome, you can browse with confidence. If you visit a site that’s acting out of line, you’ll be warned and taken back to safety.