Google is certainly at war against MS and this is victimizing none other than Lumia and other Windows Phone users. Google has refused to create any native apps for Windows Phone OS and when any third-party developer or even Microsoft has tried to develop apps like “YouTube” they have denied Microsoft access to YouTube Metadata. Quality of google related services and dropping support to different services lile “Gmail” and now blocked access to “Google Maps through browser” for Windows phone users are burning examples of this deliberate nefarious design on the part of Google.

This looks all more disgusting when you feel that Google has full access to Windows OS with its applications like Gmail, G-Talk and Chrome browser, through which they keep on pumping annoying ads. Now, we don’t know  how Microsoft is going to retaliate but it may be tough for Google if Microsoft does a tit for tat. As Google’s main income source is advertising revenue and if somehow Microsoft can block that it may serve as a good lesson for Google’s malevolent intentions.

Now, if you feel victimized by Google’s blocking of its services to your Lumia/ any other Windows Phone device, here is one place where you can go and register you complain.

Do your bit to stop this from happening.  Contact the Consumer Watchdog by clicking here.