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A petition has been filed on change.org seeking Morgan Freeman as a majordomo in and as Google Assistant voice. The petition demands only 100 people to claim itself a success. Surprisingly the petition only got 19 sign-ups in the course of 18 hours. Joshua Farrel started the petition.

In the age where social media is so pervasive, it is easy to get started with anything you want. Just like Ferrel wants Morgan Freeman’s voice to power Google Assistant. Although, seeing the number I can’t help but notice one thing: the number of audiences. You see the population is too narrow to get Google’s attention. Anyways, what is interesting here is that we are hearing something for the first time given that the voice was more than fine on Google Assistant.

Whatever the petition ended up in future, it would be interesting see if that even counts to Google. For the time being, we will have to wait and watch if Ferrel gets his due.