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Short and sweet on this post.  Ghost chain is a simple puzzle game where you connect the same ghosts that are next to each other, more of the same ghost means more points.  Pretty simple right?

The developers’ describe it a little differently


"The darkness is approaching, everything is covered by a gloomy and creepy space, the ghosts are rising... No one else can defeat them, except you. 
Just match the ghost chain and use your strength to destroy them. 
There are 3 game modes at all, easy, normal, and levels, check them all out!"

No matter which way you describe the game it is still fun.  I would like to see a Multi-playermode in the future though, but I still recommend the game, it is quick, easy, and fun.  Direct link to the game? Click HERE

I will also include a video preview made by the developers right below this.

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