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Getting Nokia Camera app on Lumia WP8 devices other than Lumia 920 (PureView).

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This is one interesting tutorial about  getting “Nokia Camera” on Lumias other than PureView Lumias like 920, 925 and 1020. Nokia Camera app is available as an update to ProCam on old PureView Lumias, but it is not available for other Lumias like 520, 620, 720 an 820. But seems there is certain way in which one can downlaod it on Lumia 520, 620, 720 an 820.

Here are the instructions from Blog “IJSMblog“,

1. Connect to your WiFi and in Settings > WiFi tap your connection.

2. Turn on Proxy and enter in the Server box and 8888 in the Port box. Then hit the save arrow at the bottom of the page.

3. In Settings > Date+Time select any United States time zone. 

4. Then in Settings > Language+Region select your region as United States. In the same Settings page hit Restart Phone.

5. After your phone restarts, go to the Nokia Camera page in the Windows Phone Store. This can take some time…be patient.

6. You should now get the option to Install/Update Nokia Camera. Hit Install or Update, but it will probably fail (again may take some time). Don’t worry. Keep the Store window open by hitting the Windows button, go to Settings>WiFi. Tap your WiFi connection and switch off Proxy.

7. Hit the phone’s Back button to get back to the Nokia Camera page in the Windows Phone Store and select Install/Update again. This time it should work.

8. Don’t forget to change your phone settings back to your Time Zone and Region and restart the device.

Since, the app is officially not compatible with these Lumias, it may still not work as smoothly as on compatible phones.

Anyways, do let us know whether you have been able to install app on your Lumia.

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  • It is not working Now.. Plz help…

  • Hi,,,these steps not working on,my Lumia 720..using my phone in India,can u pls help, [email protected]

  • bhargav

    sorry nothing helped me.. every tym i tried it says you didn’t have a internet connection or check check whether flight mode is on. plz help me out…

  • R_Hr

    used this to install Here Explore Beta. The app is currently unavailable here, but with this workaround it works perfectly and smoothly!

  • DiegoB

    Works for Face Swap on phones with 512mb like 520 !!!

  • Work very well on nokia lumia 620. Installed Refocus and nokia camera!!!

  • it also works for refocus

  • Taha

    Didnt work. 🙁

    “The Microsoft account service is unavailable. Please try again later.”

    • Donny

      When you get that message, hit the start button go to WiFi settings turn off proxy. Hold down the back button go back to that screen and hit retry. Its all in the instructions.

      • Taha

        Got it. Thanks.

        • Kamal

          Good to see it helped you.

  • Donny

    I got this to work on my Lumia 521, runs smoothly like it was meant to be here. Now all I need is the new glance screen. I hope the rumor of it coming to all Lumias in the next Nokia Bitter Sweet Shimmer update proves true. [Fingers, Toes, Legs, eyes and Intestines crossed].

    • Kamal

      Ha ha! Nokia can’t dare to cross you with so many things “crossed” 😀

  • Alvester

    This new proxy doesn’t require you to change the region.

  • Beliasas

    Lumia 720, Lithuania. Wokred… Bur when I press the smaill circle with the last image, app breaks and the message ‘close some apps, your camera is busy’ appears. Any ideas?

    • Kamal

      Try closing apps from background and then try…

    • Alvester

      A guy on WPCentral forum had a similar problem. Simply restart your phone.

      • Closing all apps didn’t work for me, but restarting the phone did. Thanks.

        • Kamal

          Oh, so all it needed was a restart. Good, will help others!!