windows phone 8 gdr3 mockup start screen

GDR2 is not yet out for current WP8 devices, and rumors about upcoming GDR3 update are already in air.  Mary Jo Foley from ZDNet has revealed few interesting tidbits about GDR3, which should come later this year. According to her sources which are close to MS, 1080p resolution support will be added for WP8 with this update and devices will be able to fit “a third column of apps in the start screen“, which may mean that you’d be able to fit three medium-sized square tiles in one row as opposed to the limit of two today. This is shown in the render image created by Windows Phone Daily.

1080p support is a good-step forward and will enable Nokia to compete at higher end with Android manufacturers already boasting of 1080p resolution displays. Though Lumia 920’s PureMotion display is still unmatched in terms of outdoor legibility and refresh speed, but if Nokia has to bring larger display handsets then 1080p support is must. As far as we know, Nokia will not follow the size-stretch rush started by Samsung, but a 5-incher is anyways on the horizon!!

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