Fusion Dots, a game Troopers puzzle and trivia game today scored a major update in Windows store. With this update, company has added Xbox live achievements in gameplay.
Some days ago, We found on www.xboxachievements.com that the achievements for Fusion dots are displayed. But we are not confirmed with that, so we waited for some time to get update on this.
Now today we received the update for the game.
Fusion dots is a 2048 style puzzle game. Which having a 120 new exciting levels. And now with Xbox live achievements the game will become more addictive and interesting.
There are total 8 achievements and allow us to obtain 200 gold points.

Take a look at the achievements

1. Adventurer (25 golds):Unlock the first 20 levels.
2. Explorer (40 golds):Unlock the first 60 levels.
3. World Conqueror (40 golds):Unlock the first 100 levels.
4. Black Silver (25 golds) Unlockunder “11 AM”.
5. Gold Gold (40 golds) Unlockthe point “12 am”.
6. Hit them all (10 golds):Hit point three times.
7. Let me fly to the moon (10 golds):Make the point fly twice.
8. Master of change (10 golds):Move point once.

What’s new in latest update??

• Xbox live achievements finally available for Fusion Dots.
• Get all the 8 achievements and earn 200 G’s.
• Beat all your friends in the new facebook leaderboard.
• Get rewards for watching videos.

Also with this addition company has added an option to watch game video to win exciting prizes.
For those who are looking for latest app version then that is 2.0. The update is now live on store. Make sure that you hit following link to download this addictive puzzle game to win Xbox achievements and enjoy Fusion Dots even more.

[appbox windowsstore 9nblggh1qw7n]