Slowly, Instagram clients with not only ability to upload pictures, but also nearly fully featured (with ability to create a new Instagram account as well) are coming to Windows Phone store. Itsdagram is such first full featured client with ability of creating accounts and uploading pictures to Instagram is now available at Windows Phone store as a paid application. Though still in Beta and without any filters, it is the best option for those who can’t live without Instagram.

Itsdagram is still in beta.  Do not purchase this app if you don’t like when things break. The only fully featured Instagram client on the market.  Register, upload, comment, like, follow, find your facebook friends;  All from Itsdagram!

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Another Instagram uploader client has hit store and great thing is its compatibility with both WP8 and WP7.5 devices. As indicated by buyer reviews it works well as a uploader. It is also a paid application and the developer says “Fully featured client” coming soon.

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So, this brings to a question? Has MS and Nokia already nudged Instagram in providing upload and account creation access to 3rd party windows phone developers. If so, it means official application may not be far away.