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Foxconn to Suspend Operations in its Chennai Plant as Nokia Quits

The Economic Times reports that Foxconn will suspend operations in its Chennai plant starting tomorrow as Nokia no longer operates its Chennai plant. It is said that 70% of business to Foxconn’s plant was coming from Nokia and with the absence of Nokia, Foxconn is facing lack of orders without which functioning is wasteful.

Foxconn invested about 850 crores on this plant and the suspension of operations will affect nearly 1,306 direct employees and 189 technicians.

This will also put an end to the discussion of Foxconn’s willingness to purchase Nokia’s idle manufacturing plant. Any hopes of Nokia N1 being manufactured in India are not going to be entertained 🙁

Hoping the workers find some other job to earn their livelihood.

Source – ET

Narender Singh

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  • Nice TN and India government brought about this whole issue, so much for Modi’s make in India dream.

  • Josemon Philip

    So sad to hear…. :'(

  • Prodigy1

    Well done India (government & tax dep.)

    • Agreed. They take an indirect blame as they are the major reason why Nokia’s plant is lying idle which resulted in Foxconn’s decision to suspend indian operations.

  • Our Man in Lima

    I thought the story was that Foxconn were thinking of buying the Nokia plant in order to produce the N1? Foxconn have not ever produced Nokia phones in the past…have they?

    • Not really the phones, but they got business from Nokia. They were making panels for Nokia India while Nokia’s plant assembled them together and made the housing and all.

      It has been surprising to me as well. As Foxconn has announced that it is shutting down all operations in India, the chance of them buying the idle Nokia plant and then producing there has a rare possibility.

      Let’s see what the future holds. The present is that Foxconn India has shut down all operations.