Flight Factory , a great app for frequent fliers has received a new update for Windows Phone devices. The new version is 2.1. The latest update is major one which includes many new features such as  smart search, fast app resume,Calendar time zone fix and more.

Flight Factory is simply the best way to track flights on your phone. Track almost any flight from more than 1,400 airlines at 16,000 airports worldwide, powered by accurate and reliable flight data from industry-leading sources

Flight Factory Changelog:

New in v2.1:

– Smart airline and airport search. Airline and airport search results are now sorted by popularity, so selecting the airline or airport for your next flight will be even faster.

– Fast app resume. Need to switch apps for a minute? No problem. When you launch Flight Factory again, we’ll take you back to where you left off.

– Single sign-on, for real this time. After signing in one more time after updating to the latest version, you’ll no longer need to sign in again.

– Calendar time zone fix. We double checked our math, and now we’ll correctly add flights to your calendar regardless of which time zone you’re in or which time zone the flight leaves from.

– Seems faster. It wouldn’t be an app update without the collection of bug fixes and performance improvements you’ve come to expect.

– Redesigned settings page. If you’ve read this far, you’ll probably be excited to hear that the settings page got a facelift to make it easier to find all of the app’s settings.

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