We know that most of the high-end and upper mid-range Nokia smartphones feature Nokia OZO audio capturing technology. But Nokia has always been interested in licensing its OZO technology to other smartphone manufacturers too.

Now, as revealed in Nokia’s Q1 2019 earnings report, OPPO flagship smartphone, OPPO Reno is featuring OZO Audio technology for audio recording.

While the official OPPO Reno page doesn’t mention OZO Audio at all it is possible that both mid-range and top-end variants of OPPO Reno smartphones may pack this feature. For your information OPPO Reno comes in two well-differentiated variants. The low-end one is powered by Snapdragon 710 while the top-end OPPO Reno is powered by Snapdragon 855.

This makes OPPO the first smartphone manufacturer apart from HMD to license the OZO Audio technology.