Android 12 will bring lots of UI changes, show bunch of leaked images. It features a new Lock-screen and quick settings UI. It also features a new theming system called “Monet”. This wallpaper-based theming system can even recolor the 3rd party Android apps.

Coming to the Android 12 Lock-screen and quick settings UI changes, here is your first look at them. These screenshots also reveal how the new theming system works on Android 12. The quick-settings panel and the quick-settings icons look completely redesigned.

The Android 12 theming system Monet takes a predominant color from the wallpaper and recolors the UI. The screenshots below show the recolored quick-settings and notifications panel UI.

The images also reveal how the setting UI also gets partly recolored. The theming may still be a work in progress and the final release may look quite different.

We will keep on bringing news and interesting leaks related to Android 12. Stay tuned and keep checking our Android news category for more.