First daylight photo and action shot captured with Lumia 920 from the Flickr account of “Alex Efimoff”.  Pictures look vibrant and have good details. Though these are crops and original full resolution images are not available. But gives a fair idea of what to expect from Lumia 920’s PureView camera in daylight conditions.

You can go to Flickr Link for collection of  picture captured with Lumia 920. Name of the Gallery is “Shot with Nokia Lumia 920 : Gallery” and it has 42 items including those full resolution images shared by Engadget team in their low-light shootout article.

 Thanx “Nish” for the Tip!!

Ok, now coming to the shootout article by Engadget where we have seen low-light shootout of Lumia 920 against what looks like nearly all Flagships from competing platforms in auto mode. So an obvious question comes to mind, if Lumia 920 can blow any other smartphone in Auto mode, what can it do if it is switched to “Night Mode”. Answer is, what Myriam from Engadget replied in response of a comment, “It can obliterate others”.

Just have a look at the below comparison of iPhone 5 in auto mode, Lumia 920 in auto mode and at extreme right what looks like Lumia 920 in Night mode. We found the Night mode picture from the full-res gallery shared by Engadget. The ISO level for Lumia 920 in both modes is 800, but exposure time differs. It is amazing to see how much light can Lumia 920’s sensor soak in “Night mode”. Lumia 920-iphone5