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Feeling sad about MixRadio shutdown?? Groove music has something for you

Line corp. announced on 15 February that it will be shutting down  MixRadio application due to declining fund. This news came as a shock, especially to windows phone community as they were the main users and for many users it was their primary music streaming service.

MixRadio was formerly known as Nokia MixRadio which was formerly known as Nokia music which was formerly known as Ovi music. MixRadio was my personal favorite because they had a unique idea of creating mixes and those mixes were also available for off-line.

Anyway, after the closure of MixRadio, Groove music is offering a 60 days free pass to all existing  MixRadio users which is a good news but like all good news this also comes with a bit of bad news, this service will remain unavailable for the users living in the countries where Groove music service is not available.

Nokia MixRadio

Thanks Pete for the Tip!


  • Slowly everything I love about Windows mobile is being lost. I so want to keep supporting the platform because we really do need more than Apple or Android as the only viable mobile platforms.
    I’m at the crossroads now. What I really want to see is something from MSFT that shows that they will do everything in their power that shows me that they really want my business and they want to support and continue to build on their mobile platform. I am going to wait a few months more to see where the Redstone builds take us.
    I guess what I am begging MSFT to do is make this platform EXCEPTIONAL again.. The lack of apps never bothered me because it has always been about its features and uniqueness of the Windows phone/mobile platform such as apps like Mix Radio.