Facebook today officially made Facebook and Facebook Messenger available for Windows 10 and graduated Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile out of Beta. But a bit of surprise was unavailability of Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps for Windows 10 Mobile. Now, Facebook team has confirmed in last line of their blog post that Facebook and Messenger for Windows 10 Phone is coming later this year.

Facebook and Messenger for Windows 10 will both be available later today in the Windows Desktop App Store, and Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile will be available later today in the Windows Phone Store. We’ll be replacing the older Facebook Windows 8 listing in the Windows Store with the new Facebook Windows 10 app, using the below logo. People who have the Windows 8 app can choose to continue to use it, use Facebook in the browser or complete a free update to Windows 10. Later this year we’re excited to roll out the Windows 10 Phone Facebook and Messenger apps.

But as per Microsoft’s official blog it seems Facebook app for Windows 10 Mobile is coming soon and there is no word about Messenger app though.

The new Facebook app will replace the existing Windows desktop Facebook app once fully rolled out in the store in the coming hours. For those on Windows 10 mobile, the new Facebook app is coming soon. The new Instagram app will replace the current Instagram (beta) app on Windows 10 mobile.

So, hope someone at Microsoft clarifies the confusion between later this year and coming soon for Facebook and also when can we actually expect Messenger for Windows 10 Mobile.