This application has made it to my list of must have applications for Symbian devices. As you can see in the third screenshot what it simply does is to allow you to have two more buttons on the Belle taskbar. But the level of comfort and usability enhancement these two extra buttons give is immense. You can select out of 4 different functions namely Lock/restart, Power saving, Brightness, Task switcher.

But if you ask me I will recommend following two functions as buttons, which I now just find impossible to live without.

  • You can lock your phone quickly by pressing the lock/restart button and on holding it pressed it restarts the phone. It simply allowed me to remove “Quick Lock” apps which I kept for the purpose of locking phone quickly. As far as restart is concerned it really saves lots of effort and time.
  • Power saving button is huge  addition to the UI usability. In fact I always thought that in the pull down notification bar, power saving button must have been placed as it is one of the most used features on any smartphone.

And surprisingly, the price for such jump in usability and comfort level is really very less. It is 25 INR for India (0.5 USD).

So, go and get it. You will love your  Belle devices more 🙂