One of the things that often bothers people wanting to purchase a Nokia Android smartphone is the price point. This is about to go away. Our sources in retail have confirmed to us that HMD India is preparing Nokia 3.1, Nokia 5.1, Nokia 6.1 to go through a mild price cut.

Nokia 6.1 3GB RAM/32GB storage will be available only at a price point of Rs. 11,999 and Nokia 6.1 4GB RAM/64GB storage will be available only at a price point of Rs. 13,999. The Nokia 5.1 and the Nokia  3.1 has been pushed down to Rs. 10,999 and Rs. 8,999 respectively. And this applies to both online and offline channels.

The price reduction applies starting tomorrow and one should be able to buy it online at slashed prices.

Moves like these shed light into HMD’s ongoing effort in winning over the mid-range market in India. The company performed the same stunt quite a few times in the past and while that did create a positive impact on the sales of the Nokia branded smartphones, the company still needs a lot of work to get the price point right.

Nevertheless, a price cut on devices even though they are almost a year old not always expose a rather known industry practice. It marks the beginning of something – making devices more accessible to people.