Equalicious, a coolest math puzzle game from Game Troopers. Its a very addictive game and gets harder as you level up in game.
Now today we exclusively receive a note from developers as they are ready with next big update for game.And also with Xbox Live integration.

Discover the Equalicious, Pythagorean and Fibonastic puzzles of Equalicious! Train your brain going through multiple levels, arranging the tiles to solve simple equations with basic operations… but don’t get cocky! Join your friends in this amazing adventure. Find them along the way through several mathematical 3D worlds. Help them progress and challenge them to know who is the Emperor of Mathematics.

Developers are ready with the next big update for game. Check below for change log for next latest update.

What’s new in next update.
• Did you already finished all the levels? Really? No problem, before applying to the Nobel prize just take a look to the new endless mode: countless hours of mind-breaking puzzles!
• We also included new mechanics for progressing without interruptions: just play as much as you want. Many of you have asked for this feature. Enjoy!
• And last but not least, for all the achievement hunters, we have a bad and a good new. The good one: 8 new Xbox Live achievements! The bad one: you will need to squeeze your brain in order to unlock them all!

So as you can see, Equalicious game will get a endless mode in next update, so that users can enjoy at most of them.

So readers stay tuned and get ready for doing a cool math. You can get this game from below.

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